Stone by Stone Construction was started at the beginning of 2013. With over 10 years experience in the industry it was time for me to realize my long time goal of owning and operating my own Construction company. My journey into the industry started at an early age where I began showing interest in architecture when asked what I wanted to do for a living. I grew up in Portland, OR and attended Sunset High school. During high school I worked at a lumberyard which started my involvement in the industry. Some of my connections from back then are still in tact at this time although most individuals have moved into different sectors of the industry. I attended Oregon State University for three years before starting my first job in the industry. I began digging ditches and quickly moved into managerial roles on residential and commercial projects. This climb up the ladder gives me a great wealth of knowledge in all aspects of building which benefits me greatly on a daily basis. Before starting Stone by Stone Construction I was a Project Manager for approximately 7 years which seemed to be a great fit as communication skills have proven to be a strong suit of mine. My experience is in residential and commercial construction ranging from bathroom remodels, custom homes, cold storage facilities, material flow and land development. I am a very organized, detail oriented individual with exceptional communication skills. I strive to provide customers with a high level of integrity and honesty throughout the building process to provide a project the necessary support to be successful on a consistent basis.

Mission Statement:

Stone by Stone Construction LLC., strives to provide all customers with a high level of integrity and honesty throughout the building process. We are committed to constantly being on the cutting edge of design while staying within budget and completing projects on time. We are a highly organized group of people dedicated to insuring your project gets the upmost attention from start to finish. We want to leave our customers feeling as though all of their goals of the project were realized and translated into the finished product.

About Peter:

Peter is a native Oregonian, married to his wife Jamie and has three children,  Taylor, Lucy and Ellie. He enjoys spending time with his family and as a long time avid outdoorsmen most of their time is spent together hiking, fishing, camping and enjoying the pacific northwest throughout the year. The Warnke family has 2 dogs Rogue and Riley, a german short-hair pointer and a beagle. We frequently visit southern Oregon and Portland to visit family and look forward to many more years in the state of Oregon to enjoy all life has to offer.

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